is an IP address used as a default Internet Protocol address by many manufacturers of hardware. Default means that it is set in the factory. However, default IP addresses can be changed anytime by accessing a router panel. IP address is composed of divisions of numbers (there are four divisions) that are separated with dots. These addresses are assigned to any device that is a part of a home network. They can also be used in small office networks.

• Private Internet Protocol addresses fall into the range between and These IP addresses are unparalleled inside the common network, which means that you can have one of them at work and the same one can be used for your home computer without any problems. In other words, there will be no interference. However, there can be problems outside the network. These problems can be described as collisions, and they occur when two devices that belong to the same network use only one IP address. These are the situations when most people experience network problems. However, these problems are solvable; you just need to find some info on your private IP address ( in this case) and you will be able to solve the problem. If you do not have time for this, or you just do not know enough about computers, you can always call a professional who will solve this problem in a short time. Sometimes it is even better not to spend your time and nerves on these things, especially if you do not know much about computers.

• However, you can do something to prevent problems. Keep in mind that only one device in your home or office network can use

• Another great thing about IP addresses like is that they can be repeatedly used. This means that you can use over and over, and this IP address can also be used by many users – the only condition is that they must not belong to the same network.

• Hardware manufacturers knew that the users would have the need for communication outside their networks, so they have offered a solution. It is called ‘a gateway’, which serves as a mediator. was designed to be used for certain router brands, but others have started using it, too. Today it is used for modems and broadband all over the world. Some of the well-known brands that use  as a default IP address are Speedtouch and Linksys. Many users are very pleased with It is well known and in case of any problem, you can find plenty of information on troubleshooting.

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