Is Used for Home Networks is a private IP address. This IP address is one of the addresses within the range between and Many broadband routers use as the default private IP address. Netgear and  D-Link fall into the group of brands that use this IP address as a default. That means that these settings were done in the factory. However, this default IP address can easily be changed. is widely used, so in case of any problems, it will not be too difficult to solve them, since this IP address is commonly used and nearly everyone is familiar with most of the issues. Let us say something about broadband routers. If you want to understand what private IP address means, there are also some terms to be explained.

• A broadband router is used as a part of home networks. This part is also a basic and necessary component of any home or small office network. Precisely, anyone who uses a broadband connection must have a broadband router. These devices have a great role in facilitating connections, DSL or cable. Here, the router alone is needed for data processing.

• Only a single device can be used for an IP address like If you link more devices to this IP address, it will cause network problems and malfunction. In addition, if you use 192.168.o.1 for a small office network, it is recommended to limit the access (your personnel should not have full access, and you should take care of this in order to have higher security). Taken from : ipaddressdefinition.com

• is also used in computer systems, as the default gateway. Troubleshooting

As with any other component, the problems are possible here, too. If your network is not working properly, your private IP address is probably the first thing you should check. Sometimes you may think that the problem is hiding elsewhere, but your private IP address is definitely the first thing you should check.

If you think that something is wrong with your security, check DHCP and WEP. Modem reconfiguration can be done, too. This is where you can change the local area network settings, too.

Try to get as much info as possible about your router and your private IP address. Any problem can be solved without major difficulties. All you have to do is follow the instructions. You can find some useful advice on this issue if you visit the homepage of the manufacturer of your router. You can try solving the problem by yourself. If you still cannot find what is wrong, you can always contact a professional and ask for help. Sometimes this is the best solution that can save your time and nerves.

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