is an IP address with a special purpose of being a loopback address. What does it mean? is defined as a loopback IP address because when you connect to this IP address, you will be automatically looped back to your own computer. This IP address is often called a “local host”. There are other IP addresses similar to, but this one is the most commonly used. Connecting is pretty much the same as with any other remote computer within a network. is also used in software testing and application testing.

As we said, this IP address corresponds to the host computer. If there is a program that has to access some network service that is running on the computer, will be used for this. Accessing the local services is done by using this IP address, which is one of its common uses.

TCP/IP protocol defines as a reserved IP address, which has a function to route back packets to the host. A public router receiving packets that are heading to the special IP address, will not log the contents, but will drop it immediately. If one such packet is forwarded anywhere outside its own host, it will never get to any other location. That is how network security is improved. In other words, the data flow is controlled much better, making these unable to get to any other destination. You can only imagine how important this can be. In fact, network security is probably one of the first things to take care of. is used in these purposes, too. is also used for making jokes. For example, young IT students are often given the task to crack, or to carry out other (impossible) tasks with this IP address. If you search for practical jokes, you will probably find plenty of this stuff on the Internet. You will probably laugh – but keep in mind that this can happen to you, too! In case you are having any problems with, you can look up for some advice on the Internet, since this IP address is widely used and there are people who are familiar with troubleshooting. If you just can’t solve the problem, call a professional!

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